Slate roofing tiles are not new in the market. they are used for roofing purpose for many years. Among all kind of tiles, slate tiles are best known. The propriety of slate tile is high quality, durable and long-lasting. These tiles look spectacular even in the old style buildings.

In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of slate roof tiles. Given below are some of the advantages of slate tile.


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Among all type of roof tiles, slate tiles are specifically made of natural stone. These tiles are made out of the sedimentary rock. 

Long Lasting

There are many churches in the United States and Europe that have lasted for more 100 years as they are made up of tile. You may have seen many infrastructures where roofs outlive than the other infrastructure. If you want high value out from these roofing materials then their proper installation is very important. An experienced craftsman will install your roof tile in a proper way. Another kind tile is cement roof tiles, these tiles are also long-lasting.

Attractive and Appealing

Slate tiles have a beautiful and elegant appearance. You can even find slate tiles roofing material in a wide range which consists of a range of tints and patterns, thickness and colors. These tiles are found in color like grey and green, purple and black, and even a distinctive shade of red.

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Fire Resistant

Roofing material that is made of slate is usually fire resistant. It gives the appearance of layered slabs of stone on the roof. That is why slate tiles are a good option for home built.

We have discussed all the benefit related to slate tile. Along with this, it should be noted that slate based tiles are quite heavy and it requires a lot of hard work to install them on the roof.  It is very important to handle them with care else it will result in breaking off the tile.