There are many varieties of worktops available in the market, but out of all granite is considered as the most desirable material.

Granite is a natural stone and occurs in abundance on the planet. It is widely used in UK for making of beautiful and strong kitchen worktops.

If you want to install work counters made of granite in your kitchen, it would be wise to contact a natural stone worktops & stone surfaces worktop specialist near your area. They can guide you better on this.

Beautiful Kitchen Worktops

Before doing that read on the following reasons why it is said to be the best of all:

It is strong

After the quartz and diamonds, granite is considered as one of the hardest natural substances as known to man.

This specific property makes it worth for owners who are searching for a durable and strong worktop surface for their kitchen.

Granite Worktops

They can with stand high temperatures, scratches and other damages that can occur in a kitchen. Unlike other worktops, you can chop your food directly on granite surfaces.

But if you want to preserve the beauty of your worktop for longer period, it is recommended to use a board for chopping.

It is versatile in nature

As it is a natural stone, no two granite worktops will ever look alike. Every granite stone kept in a granite showroom will have different vein patterns, pitting, specks and swirls.

Traditional Kitchen Worktops

Black and grey are the most common colors of granite, but you may also find it in blue, green and brown shades.

It requires no or very little maintenance

Preserving a granite worktop is very easy. A yearly sealing will be enough for preventing your granite counter from unpleasant cracks that can be the house of mould and other harmful bacteria in future.

Apart from yearly sealing, you can keep your granite work surface clean by simply wiping it off with mild water and soap.