If you are getting your house appraised and you want to understand the best way to boost the value for mortgage purposes, take notes. Taking away the clutter, mowing the lawn in your house and even painting a neutral color won’t do anything to boost the value of your home for the appraisal.

Therefore these minor repairs won’t increase nor decrease the value of your residence. Los Angeles appraiser looks at the significant items which will impact the overall value.

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The five main factors that will help your home evaluate for top dollar are as follows:

The location of your home:

Los Angeles CA property appraiser use homes which are sold in your area to determine the value of your dwelling.

The design and operational utility of your own home:

Is your home a ranch style home, a two-story house, condominium, manufactured home? Does your home offer bigger outbuildings, three bedrooms and 2 baths situated on one level? In some markets, this won’t make a lot of difference, but in other markets, this might be significant.

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Living area of your home:

The gross living area of your home or the square footage of your home that’s above ground level is quite important. This area doesn’t include the basement area. This is the number one factor which will help determine the value of your dwelling.

Lot size of your home:

Be careful with this one. If you have a larger lot size, but it slopes into a busy road, then the lot size might not be important in any respect. However, if you’ve got the nicest, biggest lot this may help determine the value of your dwelling.

The age of your home:

This will affect the value of your dwelling. Outmoded designs will either reduce and or increase the value of your home and is among the most important factors utilized in the appraisal procedure.