Well as real estate investors and real estate brokers association, I would like to share with you three questions that every real estate investor should ask when trying to find a good real estate agent to work with.

However, while not every real estate investors need a real estate agent. In fact, it is one of the things we learn to be a rich investment simulator game. 

1. Do you invest in real estate yourself?

I know it sounds simple but insisted the real estate agent who has, at least, see real estate as an investment itself is a paradigm shift from the typical way that people choose their real estate agent. You can find the best real estate agent via https://chriskopf.com/.

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2. Will you be analyzing the deals or just send me a list of the property?

we recommend to refer to the hundreds of references to real estate agents in more than 50 markets in the US each month and we surprised to find how many agents just set their clients to receive all the new homes that are under a certain price range, in a certain part of the city, as the explosion of email automatically.

3. Do you feel comfortable making of many offers – some of them are not for the full price?

To get a reasonable offer is accepted as an investment, you need to make a lot of bids. You need a real estate agent or broker who is willing and able to make many offers and that has thick enough skin to make under a price quote.