Gas MaskThe threat of chemical or biological terrorism has given rise to the gas masks.

Prior to purchasing and using a gas mask, it’s important to comprehend the technology that works behind this kind of equipment.

You must understand the fact that gas mask alone is not enough to provide full protection from chemical or biological contamination.

Even if you are using a protective suit, you would be able to protect your body only from airborne contaminants.

ISRAELI GAS MASK (ADULT) WITH 40MM TYPE 80 FILTER (MODEL 4A1)The foolproof way to completely protect your body is to wear a suit that completely covers the user and seals airtight.

Here we are talking about SCBA gear. But sadly, this kind of gear is quite expensive and can’t be purchased by common people.

However, advanced and good quality gas masks can be purchased from military surplus stores at an affordable price.

Check out the Various Kinds of Gas Masks

German Schms Gas Mask With FilterThe half-mask air-purifying respirator is the least effective type of gas mask. It covers the mouth and nose while allowing the user to breathe via the filtration system of the mask.

But there are several biological and chemical agents that use the eyes as an entry point, initiating contamination.

A more successful type of gas mask is known as a full-face air-purifying respirator. It provides clear eyepieces in addition to a clear face mask that protects the mouth, nose and eyes.

M10M-Gas-Mask2But there is a problem with these gas masks; they may leak from a crack, a gap or bad fit of the mask.

To solve the above problems, supplied-air respirator was introduced. It uses the same type of filter attached to a battery-operated fan that throws air through it.

The advantage of this type of gas masks is the positive pressure produced by the machine making sure that any leak in the mask produce purified air instead of allowing polluted air from the surroundings to enter.

These were some of the common types of gas masks used. Click here if you are interested to know how gas masks are made.