Nowadays, renting an apartment has become the new rage of living life better. People are more inclined to renting an apartment rather than owning a house. Modern apartments are some of the most popular properties today may be because they are affordable for teens and business persons and are usually in close proximity to what matters most to them. 

Apartments are also very popular living options for other target groups for a number of reasons. Everything is good about this apartment except for their balconies. Most come with a very “small balcony” (“liten balkong” in Norwegian) making it hard for some to find the relaxation that should be offered by the area. 

However, you can still enjoy chilling out on the balcony and have it looking amazing the size notwithstanding. All you need to be a little creative and style your balcony to make it look wider and elegant. Here are some very simple steps you can do to change that limited space.

Choose multipurpose furniture pieces

Usually, a lounge chair and a table fit perfect to any balcony. But with only a small space available in your apartment, it can be hard to even have more than a chair there and still leave some walking space.

To limit the size challenge, choose a sitting area or a table that can also be used as a storage area for magazines, books or shoes. You can rather have a few multifunctional pieces well-organized to make all the difference. This will look even great on a French balcony (also known as “fransk balkong” in Norwegian).

Bring in warmth with hanging flowers and plants

Pot plants and creepers can transform your dull balcony into a beautifully maintained garden. However, looking at the space you might think that there is nothing much you can do as far as flowers and plants go. 

Space might be too small for potted plants but you definitely can still enjoy the space with hanging flowers so you do not interfere with the small floor space available. Discover more about balcony styling and how to maximize a small balcony space.