Whenever people plan for the weekend to go to another city to spend their holidays, then for some of them it becomes difficult to find a good and affordable accommodation. Some prefer to stay in the hotel which is quite formal with a lot of restrictions.

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There are also people who love to stay in the serviced apartments which offers much more than a hotel. The serviced apartments come in many different sizes and also they are fully furnished. In the serviced apartments you will find a separate dining area, kitchen, bathroom and living area.

These apartments offer you different services like stereo, television, wireless internet, refrigerator and telephone connection. By staying in ST Kilda apartments you will feel as comfortable as you feel by staying at your own place.

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Once you have selected any of the company to book a serviced apartment from, you need to give them some of your information like the date of arrival and departure, number of rooms you need, your name, contact number and many more.

In this way, your serviced apartment will be booked. So, you can live in these apartments offering you full privacy, security, space and freedom.

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While selecting any of the apartment, do keep in mind certain things like the deposit you need to pay, contractual obligations and many more.

Having a separate kitchen in these serviced apartments allow you to make your own food which is not in the case of if you stay in hotels. While staying in the hotels, you are given a menu from where you can select the food you want to eat.

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